HMM 2020 EDITION CANCELLED - MaratonMagaluf


of Magaluf Half Marathon 2020


It has not been possible, this year (2020). THERE WILL BE NO MAGALUF HALF MARATHON .

The Magaluf  Half Marathon team would like to inform you that we will not be able to hold the Magaluf Half Marathon in 2020. The evolution of the events related to the pandemic we are currently undergoing does not allow us to organise the event as we had intended and therefore we believe that the best solution is to cancel it.


Our intention, when we organise this race, is that you enjoy an amazing experience, which includes varied services (pasta party, post finish  refreshments, integrated design on T-shirts, finish line arch, etc….). We know that, year after year, you choose us for these reasons and we do not want to go ahead with the organisation of the event if we are convinced that this year we will not be able to offer you the race you deserve.


The current situation prevents us from working on the organisation at the present time. With only a few months to go to the event, we cannot guarantee that everyone who signs up will be allowed to run, nor that all those who reach the finishing line will be permitted to cross the same arch. And obviously we cannot propose a pasta party for everyone registered, nor any joint outings, etc.


 We believe that at this moment it is best to stop and focus all our efforts on the organisation of the event in 2021. We hope that by that time we will have every guarantee of being able to offer you the race we want. 


We will obviously refund 100% of your registration fee, which you must claim by filling in this FORM.  There is a deadline from today until June 30th. Should you prefer not to claim a refund, we will automatically transfer your name to the list of those who have pre-registered for the race in 2021, and once we open the race registration platform, we will send you a free code to register.

Once again, thank you for your understanding and we hope we can count on you for next year. Sadurday 17th April 2021

The Organisation: Magaluf Half Marathon